We’re well into Autumn on Hamilton Island. But as we welcome April, we also welcome a period of spectacular weather that spans all the way through to June. We’re talking milder temperatures, less showers, and lots of days filled with crisp, clear blue skies. Paradise.

To show just how much we love this time of the year, we reached out to a number of our staff who call this place home, to share why they think Autumn on Hamilton Island is the best time to visit!

“During April the weather is mild to warm, however April offers families coming up for the School Holidays and the Easter break a chance to get away from the cold and windy weather down
south. During this time there are lots of some great family fun activities provided!

This Island is also fantastic for people who love taking those “Instagram Photos” who needs a filter when you’re sipping on a cocktail at One Tree Hill while watching the sunset!”
- Rachelle Hollands, WAHI Reservations Manager

“The humidity decreases and the temperature starts to drop, which makes it perfect weather for outdoor activities for the whole family. My personal favourite; a sunset kayak
on Catseye Beach. Absolute bliss. The water is a beautiful temperature for a swim too! It’s like an extended summer for those trying to escape the cold, and the timing couldn’t be better – with school and Easter holidays!"
- Myuran Maheswaran, WAHI Resident Manager

“There’s a feeling in the air in April. The wet season is coming to an end, and in its place is a period of beautiful weather, inviting oceans, and stunning sunshine. It’s not too hot during the day, and the nights are lovely and mild. Plus there’s so much to do, for kids and adults alike. Including wonderful bushwalking tracks to breathtaking views!”
- Elsbeth Roth, Executive Housekeeper

Convinced? Why not book your WAHI Autumn Adventure today! For availability and prices, visit our booking page, call our staff direct on +61 7 4969 9905, or email us at stay@wahi.com.au.