It’s visible from outer space, larger than the Great Wall of China and one of the seven natural wonders. The Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s most treasured natural attractions, drawing more than 2 million wonderstruck visitors each year to marvel at its diverse and vibrant beauty.

It is truly a sight to behold above and below the water, and is a must-see when you visit the Whitsundays. The reef itself covers more than 300,000 square kilometres and comprises more than 3000 individual reefs and 600 islands.

Below the water you’ll find more than 400 kinds of coral, the largest collection in the world, loads of interesting sea creatures including giant clams and sea turtles, and over 1500 species of tropical fish.

Hamilton Island is the perfect base from which to explore the Great Barrier Reef. From the island, you have the choice to see the reef by boat, helicopter or seaplane and to dive, snorkel or just relax in a breathtaking location.

Reefworld is one of the most popular destinations for Great Barrier Reef visitors. It’s a big pontoon that is moored permanently above Hardy Reef. From Reefworld you can get amongst the action and snorkel or dive, or you can take in the sights and stay dry in the semi-submersible or the underwater viewing chamber. There’s also a groper viewing hole on board.

For a bird’s eye view, take one or both legs of the journey by air. Hamilton Island Air offers a range of scenic seaplane and helicopter flights to Reefworld, Hardy Lagoon and Whitehaven Beach. All flights also take you over the world-famous Heart Reef and other jewels of the Whitsundays including Whitehaven Beach.

However you choose to enjoy it, the Great Barrier Reef is sure to leave you breathless.