Sitting on the balcony, breathing in the salt air and taking in the view. Spending mornings strolling along the beach. Watching the boats pass by.

You won’t find a destination more relaxing than Hamilton Island. Everything, from the glorious sunsets to the fresh salt air, instils a sense of calm in everyone who visits.

If you’re looking to unwind and recharge during your WAHI holiday, here are a few ideas to put on your itinerary.

Get a massage at Spa wumurdaylin.

Spa wumurdaylin is about a ten minute stroll from WAHI and offers a range of invigorating treatments. Feel the stress leave your body as experienced massage therapists treat you to one of their specialty massages. You’ll leave the spa feeling like you’re floating.

Sit back and enjoy the view.

There’s something about being by the water that makes all your worries disappear. Spend hours watching the ocean, looking for whales or simply enjoying having time to yourself. Call reception to order a bottle of wine to enjoy with the scenery.

Get lost amongst nature.

As well as incredible ocean views, Hamilton Island is home to a range of bushwalking trails. Go exploring and enjoy the peace of being at one with nature. 

Watch the boats pass by. 

The Yacht Club serves up delicious cocktails and offers an ideal vantage point to sit back and watch the boats come in and out of the marina.