Whitehaven Beach was recently named TripAdvisor’s Best Beach in Australia for the fourth year in a row and it is undoubtedly a spectacular feature of the Whitsundays.

However, there’s much more to the Whitsunday Islands than you may know.

The 74 islands have existed for millions of years and are the largest cluster of islands found off the coast of Australia. 

Most islands are uninhabited and are entirely National Park areas, with only eight inhabited by residents and tourists, one of those being our very own Hamilton Island.

All islands can be classified into four main groups called the Whitsunday, Lindeman, Molle and the Northern groups of islands. Hamilton Island is part of the Whitsunday group.

Hook Island is one uninhabited island to consider adding to your itinerary when you visit WAHI. Framed by the Whitsunday Passage, Hook Island is home to brilliant inlets perfect for snorkelling, diving and sailing. There are also many beautiful sights to see on-land, including waterfalls and ancient paintings on rock walls.

The Molle Islands National Park, comprising South, North and Mid Molle Islands, is a popular destination for nature lovers, with abundant natural wildlife, walking trails and snorkelling sites. You can even walk across South Molle to Mid Molle.

The majestic islands and surrounding blue waters create a perfect arena for diving and snorkelling, with clear, relatively calm waters and exceptional wildlife. From the Caves and Canyon Dive Site on the Hook Reef to the Manta Ray Bay and Luncheon Bay Dive Sites, the Whitsunday Islands are paradise for divers.