The Whitsundays is best known for its relaxed island vibe, but there are plenty of opportunities to get your body moving and build up a sweat too! The island hosts multiple sporting events throughout the year, and one of the most popular is The Hamilton Island Endurance Series. The annual event just kicked off with the Hamilton Hilly Half Marathon, which saw hundreds of fearless runners take on 21km of rugged and diverse terrain across the island. 

Next on the agenda is The Great Whitehaven Beach Run. On 27 June, keen runners will take to the pristine sands of  Whitehaven Beach for a series of races, ranging from 500m to 21.1km. The Hamilton Island Triathlon comes soon after, on 13 November. The 750m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run give racers the ultimate endurance test in the ultimate location. To finish off the series, we have the Hamilton Island Icons Trail, held across the 13th and 14th November, and the Ocean Swim on the 14 November. Both events offer a range of distances to cater to all ages and abilities! 

Now you might be thinking, “that’s a lot of racing, where’s the recovery?!” We’ve got that covered too. To make pushing yourself in paradise worth the effort, the WAHI team has put together our top three tips to unwind after a race.


1. Set yourself up for a day at the beach

Nothing says relaxation quite like a beach day. Pack your towel, book and plenty of sun protection because once you set yourself up on a lounge chair, you’ll never want to leave. Catseye Beach is just a stone’s throw from WAHI and is one of our favourite places to soak in the sunshine. If you find yourself looking for something to do, there are plenty of activities at Catseye Beach too. The WAHI team put together a list of our top picks in the area, which you can read here.



2. Book a relaxing spa treatment

After the excitement of finishing your race, you’re probably going to start noticing your muscles are a little more tender than usual. What better way to recover than with a massage? You can book yourself in for a Deep Release or Recovery Massage to help relieve any aches or tight spots. It’s also a relaxing way to reward yourself for your tremendous efforts! Spa Wumurdaylin is our favourite place on the Island for massage treatments, and it’s open between 9 am and 7 pm every day! With so many athletes on the island during race time, we suggest booking in advance!



Image credit: @mega.wall

3. Sign up for a leisurely park run

Sometimes an active recovery is the best way to help your body cool down and reduce any aches or pains! If that sounds like your cup of tea, Park Run has your name all over it. You can join the 5km timed run around the island every Saturday at 7 am. The event is free and open to people of all ages and abilities, so you can come along striving for a PB or just take it slow and enjoy the scenic views. Take a look at the Park Run course here to get yourself ready and excited! 


When it comes to pushing your fitness levels, it’s always more fun when you can do it with a view. The Whitsundays gives you the ultimate way to race hard and recover in style, which is the best of both worlds! Book your stay at WAHI now to secure your spot on the island during one of the many events on offer. We’re excited to see you out on the course!

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