Spring is finally here! And with temperatures hovering around 26 degrees Celsius, we think spring, in particular during September, is the ideal time to visit our beautiful island. So, sit back, relax, and let us take you through a day in the life at WAHI during this truly magical season.


7:00am: Wake up

A 7 o’clock wake up here on the Island is worlds away than a 7 o’clock wake up at home. Mainly because you simply don’t need to get up, ever. So, enjoy the lay in as you enjoying laying in our cloud-like beds.


9:00: Breakfast

There’s plenty of cafés on the island that dish up a delicious breakfast. But, there’s just something about starting your day with a hearty home-cooked meal, on your very own balcony, overlooking the iridescent waters below. Good thing our apartments come with a fully-equipped kitchen and the local IGA is just a short walk away.


10:30: Explore

You’re well rested and well fed. The weather is perfect. It’s time to head out and explore! There’s countless walking routes and trails all across the island, suitable for any fitness level and age. From relaxing walks along the sand, to hikes to the very top of the island, getting out and exploring is the perfect way to get a feel for your wonderful new home.


10:30: Explore or not

Let’s face it. For some of you, hiking on your relaxing holiday isn’t really your thing. No worries at all, because with so many amazing places to unwind, you’ll find your own slice of paradise in no time. Why not whittle away your morning poolside, slumber in the shade of our exotic gardens, or hit the beach for some soul soothing snoozing. On Hamilton in spring, the choice is yours.


1:00: Lunch

Whether you’ve been working hard, or hardly working, lunch on Hamilton Island is worth getting excited about. No matter your budget, you can discover plenty of gastronomical delights to tuck into. For something on the cheaper side, head to Bob’s Bakery; offering up classic Australian pies, sandwiches and sweet treats, you can’t go wrong. For a sit-down meal with a view, why not try Manta Ray – the pizzas are delicious!


3:00: Post-lunch snooze

One of the best things about a Hamilton Island holiday is you can treat yourself with a glorious afternoon nap, without feeling guilty. Besides, you’ll need it after your lunch feast. Or, simply head poolside and enjoy the afternoon hours with a cocktail and a good book. For those adventurous types, you can always spend the afternoon out on the water – with Kayaks and SUP’s for hire.


5:00: Not quite dinner time, time

5 o’clock. The sun will be setting soon, but it’s not quite time for dinner. What do you do? One Tree Hill is always a good option for a sneaky afternoon wine. So is Bommie Deck for that matter. Or, just relax on your balcony as the sun goes down. It doesn’t get much better.


7:00: Dinner

Just like your lunch options, dinner on Hamilton is truly world class. From the award-winning Bommie Restaurant set within the luxurious surrounds of the yacht club, to the good times galore at the island’s Mexican fave, TAKO, you’ll easily find something to fit your mood and culinary desire.


9:00: Star-gazing

Island life is looking up, literally. Because without an abundance of high rises and street lights, you’ll be treated to light show millions of years in the making – every single night. That’s why after dinner, you should hit the beach and gaze at the night’s sky long into the evening. The perfect way to end day 1 of your Hamilton Island Spring fling.


To book your WAHI accommodation for spring, simply click here to enquire. Or give our reservation line a call on +61 7 4969 9905.