We’re in March which means it’s officially the start of autumn, one of our favourite seasons here on Hamilton Island (spoiler: they’re all our favourite). In fact, autumn has us falling in love with Hamilton Island all over again, excuse the pun. 

 While people in other parts of the world might be excited for autumn for the falling of leaves and excuse to rug up in sweaters with a hot drink, we love autumn here on Hamilton Island for one simple reason. It doesn’t really exist. There is no changing of leaf colours, no bare trees, no dramatic change in temperature. No. Autumn.

In fact, autumn on Hamilton Island is really just an extension of summer. With an average of 26 degrees, autumn brings with it a beautiful stretch of mild weather, fewer showers and more blue skies. 

Not convinced? Here are our top three reasons to visit Hamilton Island this autumn: 

  • Family time

With school holidays and Easter falling in the autumn months, it’s the perfect time to visit Hamilton Island with the whole family. The island is one of Australia’s most renowned family-friendly destinations and for good reason too. Thanks to a long list of fun, inexpensive and memorable activities that the whole family will enjoy, the sound of “mum I’m bored” will only be a distant memory. Absolute bliss.  

Some of our favourite family activity picks include playing mini-golf, having breakfast with the koalas, heading go-karting and snorkelling on Catseye beach. For something extra special, why not book a day trip to Whitehaven beach or go see the famous Great Barrier Reef. One of the best parts about the island is the ability to get the best of both worlds. Thanks to the Clownfish Club you can make sure to also book in some important child-free time. The kids get a holiday they will remember forever, while you get a chance to relax. 

  • Make a splash 

If autumn has you longingly looking at old photos of the beach, this one's for you. One of the biggest perks of Hamilton Island’s extended warm weather is getting to cool off in the water. 

Hamilton Island is a year-round aquatic playground. With the average seawater temperature over the autumn months averaging a beautiful 25°C, it’s the perfect place to snorkel, dive, kayak, sail, tube, windsurf, stand up paddleboard, wakeboard or parasail. You name it, you can do it at Hamilton Island. Whether you are a pool lover or beach lover, adventurous or love to relax, heading to Hamilton Island will give you a chance to get your feet wet again.

  • Beat the back to work blues

It’s March, which means that the majority of the year still lies ahead. While this is exciting, it can sometimes feel like you are floating around in a holiday-less nomad land. The relaxation from the Christmas and New Years holidays has worn off but the next years holiday break is far off in the distance. 

If you are feeling a bit holiday-deprived, now is the perfect time to book an autumn escape to Hamilton Island. Give yourself a well-deserved chance to relax and reset. Whatever your version of relaxation looks like, Hamilton Island has something for you. Some of our favourite ways to unwind are laying by the WAHI pool, having a drink while watching the sunset at One Tree Hill or taking on one of the many hiking trails around the island.

While we could list reasons to visit Hamilton Island all day, we will wrap up our list here. So, if you are starting to feel the autumn chills creep in and you aren’t ready to give up summer yet it might be time for a visit to Hamilton Island for our autumn-less autumn. 

To book your autumn escape contact us today on +61 7 4969 9905, email us here or book direct on our website here.