With no cars on the Island, you’ll soon relax into ‘Whitsunday time’. However, with so many things to do and see, you’ll need some form of transport.

Our tip? Hire a golf buggy!

As iconic to Hamilton Island as it’s pristine blue waters, golf buggies are the vehicle of choice for every resident and guest. Even Oprah drove one around herself on her visit in 2011. We’re not kidding, here's the link.

Perfect for beach hopping, mini-adventures and getting from A to B, and then to C and onto D, golf buggies are a must for any serious
holiday maker on Hamilton. Which is why you can find them for hire almost everywhere you look. Adorned with a canopy for shade, headlights for a night’s drive and even drink-holders for refreshments, golf buggies provide simple and effective transport so you can hit the road, anytime you want.

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