74. That’s how many Whitsunday Islands there are. And whilst the majority of the Islands are uninhabited national parks, seven of the islands (Hamilton Island included) are developed – all with the Great Barrier Reef and fringing coral reefs at their doorstep!

So, how many of the truly spectacular 74 Whitsunday Islands should you visit during your Hamilton Island stay? Well, depending on time and budget, you’ve got a few options.

Whitehaven Beach day trip

A full or half day tour to Whitsunday Island, the home of the famous Whitehaven beach, is by far the most popular trip for visitors to Hamilton Island. Just a thirty-minute trip on a high-speed catamaran, it’s the easiest to get to too.

Visit the reef

Whilst not an Island, the Great Barrier Reef is a must-see for any Whitsunday’s tourist. There’s plenty of tours direct from Hamilton Island too, including half, full or overnight trips. Our friendly reservation team can help pick one that best suits you!

Charter a boat

The clear protected waters of the Whitsunday Islands lend itself to some of the best sailing in the southern hemisphere! Which makes charter hire, or sailing your own yacht, that much easier. Imagine sipping cocktails on the deck as you approach a secluded beach, sun setting, and taking in the beauty of it all.

Adventure time

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, why not head towards an underdeveloped island and explore its many trails? Perhaps pitch a tent at designated National Park camping grounds and truly disconnect with the modern world.

If you’ve got any questions about the Whitsunday Islands, or what tours or charters are best to book during your stay, speak to our friendly staff on +61 7 4969 9905 or email us at stay@wahi.com.au.