So you’ve chosen to spend your Valentine's Day with a special someone on Hamilton Island. The great news is that you are already miles ahead of the pack in terms of romantic planning. Known as honeymoon paradise, Hamilton Island has everything you need to make for a holiday that will truly knock your loved one’s socks off.  

Now you just need to plan out the perfect trip (don’t worry you can’t really go wrong) and it’ll be the icing on the cake. To help you out we have put together some of our favourite Hamilton Island activities for every type of couple. 


For the chilled out couple

 Life can sometimes get a bit hectic, and we know that often the best thing you can do with your partner is spend some chilled out time together… on a beautiful tropical island of course. Whether it’s a well-deserved break from the kids or just a well-deserved break, you’ve chosen the right slice of paradise for the job. 

Hamilton Island runs on island time so take it slow and soak up the tranquil beauty. Take in some tropical rays and alternate between taking a dip in the pool and taking a swim at the beach. Why not book a massage at Spa wumurdaylin? Or watch a romantic movie and chill out on the couch? There’s no reason why romance has to be fancy, we think it’s all about the little touches. 

Bonus points: Want to keep the spark alive? Order a bottle of sparkling from reception and grab some ingredients from the local IGA to cook up your loved ones favourite meal in your fully-equipped kitchen. Best enjoyed together out on the balcony. 


For the adventurous couple

To some, romance may be candlelit dinners and red roses but to others, romance can mean thrill-seeking or getting out into nature. For an active or adventurous couple, the best way to spend your time together on Hamilton Island is to see as much of the beautiful area as you can. Go snorkelling on Catseye beach, take a day trip to Whitehaven beach, hike up to passage peak, head out on a kayak or try out parasailing. 

Bonus points: Show how deep your love goes by booking a day trip to go diving or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef 


For the Instagram #couplegoals 

 This is for the couple that spends time together scrolling Instagram and will check a restaurant's Instagram page before deciding where to eat. Luckily, Hamilton Island is a visually stunning destination. With sparkling clear blue water and white sandy beaches, it won’t be too hard to snap up some Instagrammable pics together on your trip. 

Hamilton Island is known for its beautiful sunsets, so make sure to head to One Tree Hill or Bommie Deck for the perfect pic. If you want to go all-out why not book a sunset cruise? Once you’ve got the shot, make sure to order a drink, say cheers and spend some quality time together. If you post any of your awesome pics on Instagram make sure to use our hashtag #StayWAHI and tag us @wahiwhitsundays.

Bonus points: Book a day trip to Whitehaven Beach or Hill Inlet for pics that will be sure to give all your followers FOMO. No filters necessary. 


For the couple with kids

 We know that not everyone can simply zip off to Hamilton Island for a couples-only getaway. Plus for some people, it doesn’t get much better than spending some quality time together as a family.

There’s plenty of family fun waiting for you at Hamilton Island. From eating breakfast with the koalas to go-karting to hanging out at Catseye Beach, you will be sure to find something that will make everyone happy. 

Bonus Points: Make sure to still take some time out for you both. Book your kids in at the kids club and surprise your significant other with a day to spend together. 


For the couple that goes all out

If you want to dial up the romance to 100 and really impress your partner… maybe you even have a special something planned. For the ultimate romantic Hamilton Island trip, book a helicopter tour and fly out over heart reef. It is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience that they will never forget. This one gets triple bonus points. 

No matter how you choose to spend your time at WAHI, we are sure you will have an amazing time with your loved ones. It’s really the perfect escape, everything you need is right at your fingertips. From the moment you arrive, you can relax, kick your feet up and focus on the stuff (and people) that are really important. 


With the perfect romantic trip now planned, plus a little bit of WAHI magic, you will be sure to remain in the good books until next Valentine’s Day… and by then, of course, you can always just come back to WAHI again. 

Want to plan a trip for someone special? Now is the perfect time to book a romantic trip to WAHI for Valentines Day, a wedding, honeymoon or a special surprise trip. Contact us today on +61 7 4969 9905, email us here or book direct on our website here.