In such a beautiful location, it’s no surprise The Whitsundays is appealing to wildlife as well as humans. The lush natural landscapes of the islands are ideal for some of Australia’s most beautiful and unique flora and fauna.

Take a look at some of the wildlife you may encounter during your stay on Hamilton Island.

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

These creatures may be beautiful but they’re also notorious for breaking into apartments so keep your balcony doors closed! You might hear them chatting to each other outside and you may bump into them down at the Marina.

Fun fact: Cockatoos can grow up to half a metre.


Rainbow lorikeet

You’re sure to spot these cheeky guys hoping to snag some left overs from those dining by the water or on balconies.



They’re often cleverly camouflaged amongst bushland but you might spot a Goanna basking in the Hamilton Island sun.


If you don’t see any of these during your stay, you’re bound to hear them!


Also known as the sea hawk, you might see an Osprey hovering above the water’s edge. They have a wingspan of up to 180cm. 

Flying fox

You’re most likely to see a flying fox after dark, flying from tree to tree in search of flowers and fruit. 

Sea turtle

Sea turtles are truly majestic. If you’re lucky, you might spot one swimming below your paddle board at Catseye Beach.



Humpback whales migrate north then return between July and October each year. During whale watching season you might catch a glimpse of one from your balcony.


As you stroll around WAHI and Hamilton Island, don’t forget to stop and take in the beautiful greenery.