From idyllic pastel sunsets to magical waterfront moments, Hamilton Island is full of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.

We’ve put together a few of our best tips to get that perfect snap. The only piece of equipment you need is your smartphone.


Play around with interesting angles and unexpected light effects. From simply exploring a different perspective, you create find a beautiful and powerful image. Different colours and lines can also produce beautiful photos that will be headed straight to Instagram. 

Get focussed

Tap the screen of your smartphone where you’d like the image to focus. The focus tool is an easy way to take an image from average to amazing, with different depth of fields creating a unique look.

It’s all about the lighting

Lighting is arguably the most important element in photography. When you’re setting up a group photo, make sure the sun is facing the subject. You might need to squint a little, but your photo will be better for it!

The soft light of mornings and early evenings is the best for photos. And don’t be disheartened if you wake up to a cloudy day - overcast days provide a beautiful light for your images. 

Use Burst mode

Find the ‘burst’ mode on your smartphone. This will allow you to take a number of photos at once, so you can go back and select the best shot to upload. Photo bursts are an easy way of capturing an action or moment in time.

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