If you’re a runner, you’ll know one of the best ways to sightsee is to lace up your running shoes, slap on some sunscreen and head out to explore. Avid runners also know that one of the first things to do upon arriving at a destination is scout out the best running tracks. 

WAHI to Passage Peak

Our resort manager is an avid fan of this track. It’s a challenging, hilly run just over 5km (return) but the view is well worth it.

Once you’re at the top, take a moment to rest and enjoy panoramic 360 degree views. Be sure to bring water with you. 

Hiking trails

There are several trails to choose from so why not explore the trails in your own time. Bring your phone or camera to capture the incredible views you’re bound to discover.

One Tree Hill 

Take a run up to One Tree Hill. It’s a short distance from WAHI but the incline will get your heart rate up.

The Marina

Take a leisurely jog down to the Marina, enjoying the tropical greenery on the way. Once you arrive at your destination, why not spoil yourself with an ice cream? You deserve it.