It’s the restaurant with the best view on the island. Where your seafood is cooked exactly to your taste. It’s only a few steps from your bed and the setting is wonderfully intimate. It’s your very own apartment at WAHI.

FISHI delivers fresh local seafood to your door daily, so you can prepare your fish exactly how you like it, from the comfort of your own apartment. 

Fresh from local waters, FISHI offer a premium range of fresh fish, squid, octopus, cold seafood platter, prawns and bugs, crabs and lobster. 

Order the Fresh Feast Platter and enjoy a selection of prawns, bay bugs, oysters and accompaniments. For a full sampling of everything the Whitsundays has to offer, indulge on the Taste of the Sea Platter with prawns, bay bugs, oysters, crab, caviar, smoked fish and accompaniments.

Try Jamie Oliver’s Fish In A Bag or for spice up your squid with the super easy Chargrilled Whole Squid with Chilli and Mint recipe. Oysters with chilli, ginger and rice wine vinegar is always a crowd pleaser.

Complete your evening with a glass of wine and watch the sunset from your WAHI balcony.