It’s been a week since you gave up on that promise to not overdo it this silly season, don’t queue the regret just yet though, we’re going to help you get out in front of it. Luckily for you, Hamilton Island will be the most inspiring PT you’ve ever come across. With its beautiful scenery, weather and a bunch of fun activities you will forget you are even working out. Let’s kick start your New Year with a refreshing dose of wellbeing thanks to the beautiful Hamilton Island.

The Healthiest Hiking

With trails, here, there and everywhere, hiking is
one of the best ways to feel a real connection to our stunning island whilst getting the blood pumping. With all the hikes leading to some of the most instagramable locations going around, you’ll become an inspiration for all your friends. There are hiking trails that cater for all skill and fitness levels too, meaning you can just focus on doing you!

Wonder-Working Water Sports

Forget those ab crunches at the gym and hit the water on a Kayak or SUP from Catseye Beach! From the protective cove of Catseye Beach Kayaking and SUP’s offers a unique perspective of Hamilton Island for people of all skill and fitness levels. While you are soaking in the sun and panorama from the water you will forget this is a great way to get the heart rate up and tone your body.

Splendid Swimming

One of our friendly neighbours from the reef once famously sung “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, what do we do? We swim”. Now we’re
not suggesting that you swim to Sydney like Dory did, but, a few laps in our lagoon pool will prove to be one of the best cardio-vascular workouts you will ever do. And who doesn’t love a workout that cools you down!

Rest and Relaxation

Getting a sweat on is great but kicking back and recovering is just as important. So why not take some time to set yourself up on the beach and watch the world fly by as you get rid of all that stress. Even better, book a massage! Massages will relax your muscles and set your mind free, letting you truly let your hair down for the rest of your stay.

So there you have it, don’t let regret take the wheel post silly season, get ahead of it. Get out and experience Hamilton Island for all it has to offer, chances are you will be starting your health kick without even realising it.

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