For Easter last year, we highlighted a number of fun activities the whole family can do whilst holidaying on Hamilton Island. We called it ‘The Easter Fun Hunt’. This year, we’re doing it again.

Welcome to The Easter Fun Hunt 2. Let’s get started.

Snorkelling Tours
The weather is perfect for a snorkel, and as one of the world’s most beautiful aquatic playgrounds, your whole family will want to experience the underwater beauty of this amazing region! There’s plenty of affordable halfday dive and snorkel tours that depart Hamilton Island daily that are perfect for both experienced and not-soexperienced water adventurers. To find a tour to suit you,
chat to our friendly staff at reception.

Go for a hike
Going for a hike with the family is not on top of everyone’s bucket list. However, exploring Hamilton Island on foot is atotally unique experience! Not only is it a great way to see
the Island’s natural beauty, at your own pace. But you’ll also discover a magnitude of stunning views, made evenspecial when experiencing them with the little ones. Talk to reception for hiking maps, and don’t forget to pack a bag with all the essentials before you set off.

If you’re from the city or the suburbs, there’s a good chance you and your kids only get to experience the magic of sky full of stars once in a blue moon. Well it’s good news then, that during Easter on Hamilton Island, there is no better place in the world to stargaze! With clear night skies, great vantage points, and without the light pollution of city life, you’ll be lost for words as you crane your neck skywards and point to the big dipper…or is that Orion’s belt? For the best spots on the island, chat to our friendly staff for their stargazing tips!

Want to know what else you and the family can do during your Easter escape? Why not contact us directly? Simply call +61 7 4969 9905, or email us at