Booked amazing holiday to the Hamilton Island? Check.

Staying WAHI? Check, of course. 

Counting down the days in anticipation? Check. 

Packed? Not quite...

Maybe you’re a notorious over-packer, often caught doing the “airport shuffle”, finding the perfect weight balance between your carry-on and check-in baggage. Or you’re a serial under-packer, who is ‘that person’ asking things like, “hey… so can I borrow your toothpaste?” Of course, maybe you might be the goldilocks of packing, who gets it just right (in which case we envy you and your superhuman abilities). 

Nonetheless, it’s the night before you leave, and you are rushing to get a bag together. 

We’ve all been there. Luckily, we have your back and we’ve narrowed it down to a few must-pack items that will ensure you can enjoy your vacay. 

1. Better to be sun safe than sorry

Hamilton Island is located on the same tropical latitude as Honolulu and Mauritius. Lucky for us (and you) this means that we are blessed with a beautiful year-round tropical climate, averaging 27.5°C. However, this also means that we often have a very high or extreme UV rating. Even during winter, we average a high UV rating.

As tempting as it is to get that sun-kissed glow, it’s important to stay safe in the sun all year round. Plus there’s nothing worse than having your holiday spoiled by some unwelcome sunburn. Trust us, not worth it. 

So in goes sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, protective clothing and any other sun necessities. If you forget to pack any sunscreen, no need to stress. You can head to our reception to get stocked up on sunscreen and other sun supplies (open 7am-7pm). 

2. Don’t be caught without your cossie

Our beautiful climate also means it’s swimming weather all year round. Whether it’s in our beautiful lagoon pool and spa or in the crystal blue water of Catseye beach, you definitely won’t be short of opportunities to take a dip. 

So don’t forget to pack your bathers, togs, cossies, swimmers, boardies, or even budgie smugglers. Whatever gets you in holiday mode!

3. These shoes are made for walking 

As well as packing all the standard holiday footwear, it’s a great idea to throw in a pair of sandshoes or walking shoes, for walking around beaches, walking trails and foreshores. Over 80% of Hamilton Island is made up of natural tropical bushland, which means that it’s great for going bushwalking. There are numerous trails available, which means you can find one perfect for your fitness level!

4. What to wear

Ladies (and you too fellas), if your packing process is anything like ours, then I’m sure you are sometimes pulling your hair out trying to figure out what clothes you should pack. 

Here in Queensland, we like to keep it casual and laid back, but it is also never a bad idea to pack some smart casual attire for dining out on Hamilton Island. 

If you are coming in the warmer months, keep clothes light and breathable. If you are going on a winter escape, it’s also a good idea to throw in some warmer clothes, as it can cool down after sunset. Once again, if you have forgotten something, it makes for a good excuse to hit the Hamilton Island Marina Village, where you’ll be sure to find the perfect island attire!

So, there are a few of our must-pack items, which hopefully puts your mind at ease. 

But most importantly, don’t forget to pack a vacay mindset, and get ready for some relaxation, adventures and good times! 

If you have any more questions before you head our way, feel free to visit our FAQ, and if your still not sure contact us here. Our friendly staff are more than happy to help with any questions.

We can’t wait to see you soon!

Ready to book your Hamilton Island escape? We’d love to have you! Simply gives us a call direct on +61 7 4969 9905 or book directly through our website!