Whether you tell your friends to get ready for some “holiday spam” on their feeds or would rather switch off from social media during your break, taking photos on your holiday is a great way to document your memories. Whether you would like to post a couple (or ten) is completely up to you! 

So where to go during your stay on Hamilton Island for the most Insta-worthy shot? 

Hike up Passage Peak

One of our beautiful walking trails, passage peak may be a 5.3km round trip but it is seriously worth the hike. Get ready for some stunning views from the highest point on Hamilton Island. To level up your photo, brave the early morning to catch the sunrise. While it is always beautiful, at this time you will get to see it at its peak and get a shot that will have influencers jealous. 

Catch the sunset at Bommie Deck

If you would like a beautiful photo, with a bit less hiking involved, this is the spot for you! Sit back and watch the sunset from the deck with a drink in hand. The western facing deck is the perfect spot for a quick photo, definitely worth an upload!

Take a dip at Catseye Beach

Adjacent to WAHI, and one of the main beaches on Hamilton Island, Catseye Beach never disappoints for a gorgeous beach pic! With kayaks, catamarans and stand up paddleboards available, there are endless photo opportunities. Need a friend for your photo? No need to worry, this area is also famous for sightings of turtles. While they won’t be able to hold the camera, they make a fantastic model! Take an underwater camera and head out towards the buoys at the back of the beach as the turtles love the eat the seagrass.

Head for a seaplane tour over to Whitehaven Beach

If you want to up the ante and make all your followers get some serious FOMO, this one's for you. Seeing this gorgeous strip of beach from above is also a must for anyone! To get the shot, have your camera ready as the pilot flies over Hill Inlet. If you are on your phone take a burst, or if you have the professional gear turn up the shutter speed. 

Helicopter over Heart Reef 

Heart Reef will be sure to get lots of heart reacts from your friends! Don’t forget to also give yourself a chance to marvel at this unique view of one of the seven wonders of the world. If you want the best view to take photos make sure to call shotgun and claim the seat next to the pilot. 

Have a drink at One Tree Hill 

Another cocktail hotspot, One Tree Hill is an extremely popular spot to watch the sunset. For good reason too, you are sure to get plenty of amazing shots of the sunset here. Take advantage of the golden hour lighting and get a selfie with your family, bestie, or loved one. Definitely a special moment you will want to remember! 

Relax around WAHI

Last but certainly not least, WAHI is, of course, one of the perfect spots for an Instagram photo. Get a shot lounging by the lagoon pool, or in front of the spectacular view on a balcony. 

As you can see there really is no shortage of beautiful places on Hamilton Island to take amazing photos! So all that's left is to pick the perfect filter, add #StayWAHI and hit post! 

Sound amazing? If you would like to book a holiday with us, simply gives us a call direct on +61 7 4969 9905 or book directly through our website.