Swap relaxing by the pool for some action on Catseye Beach – the hub for water sport fun and laidback relaxation on the island. This idyllic stretch of coastline is brimming with activities, offering something for literally everyone in the family. Whether you’re looking to get your heart pumping or just marvel at the beautiful scenery, Catseye Beach will tick all of your boxes. 

There is so much on offer, that it can be overwhelming knowing where to start! To help narrow down your choices, the WAHI team has put together our five favourite activities on Catseye Beach.



1. Relax and Unwind in the Sunshine

Have you been counting down the days until your getaway? Longing for the opportunity to switch off and recharge? We get you! Thankfully, Catseye Beach has your back. This is the perfect place for you to truly settle into holiday mode and relax in the sunshine. We love heading down to the sand and setting up under an umbrella with a good book. You can also keep the kids entertained by building a sandcastle together or throwing a frisbee with the whole family.



Image: @krissadella

2. Catamaran Hire

Fancy taking in the sights whilst manning your own vessel? Why not hire a catamaran and cruise through the bay and around the waters surrounding WAHI at your own pace. The calm ocean makes the island perfect for cruising at morning, lunch, afternoon and even sunset. You can opt for a private joy ride, a lesson from the experts or even sign up for the ultimate sailor match race.



Image: @suj_in_australia 

3. Kayaks and Paddle Boards

Paddleboards and kayaks are perfect for anyone that wants to be out on the water, without actually being in the water. Hire your transport of choice and take to the beautiful waters of Catseye Beach to enjoy the serenity of the ocean.  You will be practising your balancing skills while your core gets an incredible workout, and you get an enviable tan too – score!



 4. Picnic

The island is also home to a world-class precinct of restaurants and cafes. We love picking up some take-away or preparing a picnic to eat down on the sand. There is something pretty special about sharing a delectable meal with your loved ones while enjoying the incredible view from the shores of Catseye Beach.



Image: @sarahgrimstone

5. Swimming and Snorkelling

It goes without saying that Catseye Beach is the go-to destination for anyone wanting to dive into the stunning waters surrounding the island. The waters are calm and gentle, making it ideal for people of all ages and swimming abilities. Catseye is also home to an abundance of marine life, so we recommend hiring a snorkel from the beachfront so you can get up close and personal with the locals.


No trip to the island is complete without visiting Catseye Beach. Discover why so many people have fallen in love with the glistening stretch of coastline when you book your next trip to WAHI. Our team can’t wait to hear from you!