Today is the big day. 

Happy National Unplugging Day!

Yes, that’s a real national holiday according to Google and yes we’re going to run with it. 

So, what does National Unplugging Day entail you might ask? Well, as you have probably guessed, today is all about unplugging. Not your toaster or hairdryer or microwave or just any old electrical appliance. Today is all about unplugging our technology, signing out of our socials and taking a well deserved 24-hour digital detox. It’s about spending the day disconnecting from the cyber world and reconnecting with ourselves, loved ones and surroundings. 

Now, before you dramatically throw your phone out into the ocean, technology has its place. Social media allows us to stay connected with our guests even after they check out. Our iPhone cameras are able to freeze holiday memories so we can look back on them for years to come. However, when it comes to having a relaxing holiday on Hamilton Island, it could pay to consider going tech-free for even just a day.

So you’ve switched off your phone, laptop, smart watch and tablet, unplugged your chargers and put your technology out of sight. Now what? 

No need to worry. Not only are there plenty of things to do on Hamilton Island, but we have put together a curated itinerary of activities if you want to take your digital detox to the next level.  

With no further ado, here is our recommended itinerary for spending the day screenless on Hamilton Island. 

6:00 am  | Dent Island Yoga 

To kick off your technology-free day take the ferry over to Dent Island for some sunrise yoga. This will be the perfect way to find your flow and set the tone for the day to come.

After a short walk up to the HeliPad on Dent Island, you will be able to tune into yourself and your breath through some Hatha Yoga, all while taking in the beautiful sunrise. ‘Hatha’ translates as “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha), making it the yoga of balance. Resist the urge to reach for your phone as the sun comes up and instead tune into the present. Afterwards, you can enjoy a healthy breakfast provided at the Club House and return back to Hamilton Island. 

For more information check out all the details here

10 am | Spa wumurdaylin

After saying salutations to your day now is the perfect time to head to Spa wumurdaylin for some much deserved you time. The word ‘wumurdaylin’ translates to dragonfly which symbolises renewal, freedom and beauty. Pick your treatment of choice and relax in the natural surroundings. With body scrubs, wraps, facials, massages and package rituals on offer, the hardest thing you’ll do is pick which treatment to indulge in. 

For more information check out all the details here 

1 pm | Sit back and Read up

Now to turn the page onto your next activity. As you can tell our theme of relaxing and detoxing continues. For the rest of the day put your feet up and pick up your favourite read. Set up by the WAHI pool, soak up some sun rays and get lost in a fictional world of your choosing. Take breaks only to go for a dip or grab some lunch. Trust us, you won’t miss the pesky pinging of your phone interrupting you mid-sentence. 

5 pm | Sunset and Drinks

Next stop on your tech detox day, is sunset and drinks. Who said that switching off couldn’t be fun? After taking some well deserved time to focus on yourself, now is the time to spend some quality phoneless time together with your loved ones. Head to One Tree Hill, grab your favourite drink from the bar and watch the sunset without looking through the lens of your phone.  

7 pm | Dinner

Last stop is of course dinner. The best part of the day in our humble opinion. Without Googling all the restaurants, head downstairs and chat with our friendly reservations team to help you make a booking for a restaurant. Whichever restaurant you choose on Hamilton Island is sure to be amazing!  

That just about does it for your detox day. Congratulations, you have just survived a day technology-free! When you get back to your apartment at WAHI make sure to resist that final temptation of picking up your phone before you go to sleep.  

While it may not be practical to spend your whole time on Hamilton Island tech-free, spending a day phone-less can remind us that sometimes less is more. When you’re in a beautiful place like Hamilton Island with the people you love, what else could you possibly need?

Does relaxing and unplugging on Hamilton Island sound like your kind of holiday? Now is the perfect time to book your next WAHI escape. Contact us today on +61 7 4969 9905, email us here or book direct on our website here.