The best part when you #StayWAHI—and one of the many perks of our self contained apartments, is you have access to a fully equipped kitchen. This makes your stay at WAHI the perfect time to dig out an old Hawaiian shirt, turn up the island tunes and make a tropical holiday-inspired cocktail!

The first step is to collect all the ingredients. No need to worry, the local IGA is just a short walk from your WAHI apartment or can be accessed via the complimentary island shuttle. The IGA is a plastic bag free store, so don’t forget to bring your own bags or you can purchase cloth bags there.

For those over 18, Hamilton Island Bottle Shop is just alongside the IGA. Just a heads up, rum is the unofficial island liquor of choice and will be the key ingredient that whisks your drink into holiday mode (aside from those little cocktail umbrellas). 

The next step is to whip up a storm!

Pina Colada

You probably have that song stuck in your head already. Originating from Puerto Rico, the Pina Colada is the perfect drink to pair with your newly found sunkissed glow and go-with-the-flow holiday attitude. 

Servings: 1

Place 60mL of Jamaican white rum, 60mL of pineapple juice, 30mL of coconut cream, 30mL of coconut milk, and 1 cup of ice in a shaker and shake vigorously. Garnish with bitters, cinnamon and lime if you are feeling a bit fancy.  

Tropical Sangria

A twist on the Spanish favourite, and definitely a recipe to share. It’s the perfect drink to say “I’m currently out of office holidaying in the Whitsundays”.

Servings: 5-6

To make this tropical version, first cut 450g of tropical fruit of your choosing (we love mango, pineapple, papaya or guava) and place in a large pitcher. Next, pour ½ cup of white rum over the top, add 1 750mL bottle of white wine, 1-2 cups of guava juice, 1-2 cups passion fruit juice, and 1-2 cups of pineapple juice. 

If you can hold out, let the pitcher sit overnight in the fridge for all the flavours to infuse. Or if you can't wait to try your creation, just a couple of hours in the fridge will do the trick. 

Mai Tai

Certainly an exotic-sounding drink! Originating from California, it’s been rumoured that Victor J Bergeron created the drink for his friends visiting from Tahiti. When they tasted the drink they reportedly said “Maita’i roa ae!” which means “Very good, and how?”

Servings: 1

To make a Mai Tai fill a glass with ice cubes, and then pour in 2 tablespoons of dark rum, and 2 tablespoons of amaretto liqueur. Then fill the rest of the glass with half orange juice and half pineapple juice. Finally, add a dash of grenadine.

Most importantly, don’t forget to make the WAHI inspired cocktail that is sure to guarantee a great time. Simply mix plenty of sunshine, a WAHI welcome, bucketloads of relaxation and a dash of adventure. Shake well, and serve generously. We recommend finding someone special to share it with. 

So get creative! Or, if you would rather, you can also order wine and beer up to your room from reception. Regardless, sit back and put your feet up. With a drink in hand and a beautiful view, it doesn’t get much better than that! 

Ahhhh the serenity… 

If you would like to plan an island escape, simply gives us a call direct on +61 7 4969 9905 or book directly through our website