We are sure you’re all too aware of the unexpected, surreal and challenging situation we are going through worldwide. The reality is that our lives have in one way or another been flipped upside down as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Here at WAHI, the safety of our guests and the wider community is our priority, meaning that we are currently unable to welcome guests. 

When times get tough, it’s even more important than usual to keep in good spirits and stay as positive as possible. We are sending extra WAHI love your way, and we hope that you are well, safe and near your loved ones (at a 1.5m distance, of course). 

Times like these have a funny way of making us all remember to appreciate what we are grateful for. We are always thankful for our amazing guests, but in particular, we want to take this time to again thank our wonderful community for the continued support.

While we can’t travel at the moment, WAHI will be here waiting and excited to welcome guests back when things return to normal. 

All the beauty and magic of a WAHI holiday will be here waiting too… the warm tropical weather, the Whitsundays sun, the bright blue water and soft white sand. Most importantly, the iconic and breathtaking view from your WAHI balcony will be here waiting just for you.

And in the meantime, if you would like to support local Aussie tourism here are a few ways you could help:

1. Share your favourite WAHI memories on social media

We would love to see any holiday snaps you have from your previous trips to WAHI. While we are all stuck at home, spread some joy and look back on your amazing holiday memories that we sometimes forget to appreciate and reminisce on. If you post any photos, don’t forget to #StayWAHI, so we are able to see and share them. 

2. Write an online review of your experience at WAHI

Have you had a great time on your WAHI holiday? You can share your experience here. We really appreciate all the guests who take the time to give us feedback and we love hearing about your holiday with us. 

3. Start planning your future WAHI holiday

Right now it feels hard to imagine that we will be able to travel again, but we will. Once this is over, our lives will resume and we will go back to being able to explore all kinds of incredible destinations. In the meantime, we all need something to look forward to, especially when times get tough. If you have the means to, you can still plan a holiday to WAHI for the future. 

4. If you are booked with us #dontcancelpostpone

We are so encouraged to see guests changing the date of their holiday rather than cancelling, this is such an immense help and we are grateful for the support. This also serves as a great reminder that this will all eventually be over, and gives us light at the end of the tunnel. So, if you can support your local tourism and #dontcancelpostpone.

Stay safe, and we are looking forward to when we are able to welcome you back again.