Imagine this. 

You’re standing top on the water with a breeze blowing softly through your hair and the sun shining on your back. As you glide across the water a sea turtle pops its head up and takes a look at you.

At Hamilton Island, experience the magic of stand up paddleboarding. When staying at WAHI, paddle boards are available for hire from Hamilton Island Water Sports for $12 for half an hour or $20 for an hour (prices correct at the time of writing). The calm conditions at Catseye Beach are perfect for paddle boarding – and you’ll be pleased to know it’s rare to see someone fall off.

An instructor on board an inflatable boat patrols the beach, offering advice and photo taking services to paddle boarders.

As well as being a huge dose of fun, paddleboarding has a range of fitness benefits. It works your cardio vascular system, balance, strength, coordination and core stability.

About 100m from the beach is where you’re most likely to spot a sea turtle and friends cruising off Catseye Beach.

As you cruise around, make sure to look around and enjoy the beautiful views!