Ask anyone at WAHI, and they’ll rave about the beautiful beaches found in our backyard. But it turns out we’re not the only ones who think so! The world’s top 25 beaches were recently named in TripAdvisor's annual Traveller’s Choice awards, and the Whitsundays very own Whitehaven Beach took out the top spot. 

The international title took into consideration thousands of reviews and opinions from travellers across the world before being awarded. It seemed everyone agreed that Whitehaven is simply mind-blowing! But what makes the prestigious stretch of coastline so great? We’re glad you asked. 



The Water

The water at Whitehaven is almost too beautiful to be real. It’s a crystal clear swirl of every shade of blue you can imagine that literally sparkles in the sun. While the water looks stunning from the shoreline, it’s even more incredible when you dive under. It’s a dream come true for every nature-lover. 



Image credit: @dimpu004

The Sand 

Whitehaven Beach has the softest sand you'll ever feel. We're not kidding! The sand is actually 97% pure silica sand, which comes from eroding quartz. It's the only area in the Whitsundays with this fine and powdery sand too! The 7km long beach is not only incredibly soft to sink your toes into but also reflects the heat of the Australian sun. That means it's lovely and cool to walk on even in the middle of summer. Combined with the all-encompassing beauty of Whitehaven, a stroll down this beach is something pretty special.



Image credit: @jamesvodicka

The Photos 

Whitehaven Beach is a dream come true for every avid photographer. Whether you’re simply teasing your Instagram followers back at home or you’ve got a professional photography set up, there are a seemingly endless number of photo opportunities around the beach. You’ll see many people at the Hill Inlet lookout trail capturing the perfect shot before they head to sink their toes into the water.



The Sun 

The sun shines more often than not at Whitehaven Beach, making it the perfect place to stretch out a towel and soak up some rays. We love setting up for the day under an umbrella and passing the hours with a good book. Top tip: don’t forget to slip, slop and slap! The sun is much stronger in Australia than in other parts of the world, so most people will burn quickly without proper sun protection. 


The History

Whitehaven Beach may be known for its beauty, but it has a rich history too! The Aboriginal people of Australia are the oldest culture on our planet, and their stories have been passed down through the centuries. QLD Parks and Wildlife has acknowledged Australia’s traditional landowners by placing plaques describing some of their ancient stories along the Whitehaven Beach walking trails and lookouts. Set out on a walk, and you’ll come back with a whole new appreciation for the beautiful beach. 


A trip to WAHI isn’t complete without a visit to Whitehaven Beach! Book your next trip here and start counting down the days until you can dive into the crystal blues waters of the best beach in the world. We can’t wait to welcome you!