One of the most remarkable things about Hamilton Island is that wherever you turn, there is an amazing view. However, of all the good views there is one that stands out above the rest. Several hundred metres above the rest, in fact!

Take a walk up to Passage Peak and enjoy the best view on the island. Allow around 1 and a half to 2 hours from WAHI to complete the walk.


The entrance to the trail is right behind WAHI. The climb starts immediately, winding its way up the hill. Even though WAHI is just metres from the trail, the dense shrubbery surrounding makes it seems like you are much deeper into the bushland.

You reach a picnic table and a sign offering a range of different trails. Follow the turn to Passage Peak. At the end of this 1.75km track, you’ll be taking in the most spectacular view available on the island. As you make your way through the trail you’re likely to encounter a few other walkers and maybe even a runner or two. 


While 1.75km doesn’t seem like far, the undulating terrain makes for a challenging walk. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable walking shoes and take water with you. Also, if you choose to go in the morning, don’t forget to eat breakfast. You’re going to need the energy. 


About half way you’ll reach the hill lookout turn off. The breathtaking view over Catseye Beach and WAHI is worth the 200m detour. 


The last section before you arrive at the peak is stairs, but trust us when we say it is well worth the climb. At this point the runners you encountered earlier may be making their way back down the stairs, providing you with inspiration for the final stage of your journey.


“I’m on top of the world!” 


You might catch an eagle watching you from above.


Tip: Once you reach the peak, check out the lower track. The view is awe-inspiring. 


The Passage Peak walk is a great workout and the view makes it worth every step. There are numerous other bush walks available on Hamilton Island, each providing a different but beautiful vantage point.

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