If you haven’t heard the fantastic news, WAHI will be reopening to guests on the 1st of August. In the meantime, our team here at WAHI will be busy getting ready, with the safety of our guests being our number one priority. 

If you’re ready to escape the everyday and start ticking off items from your post-COVID travel list, now is the perfect time to dream up and plan your next adventure to WAHI.

If you are anything like us than you would have spent more time than usual over the past few months daydreaming about travelling (to WAHI, of course). In our opinion, one of the most underrated parts about going on holidays is the anticipation. The dreaming, the thinking and the planning. We don’t realise that it makes up such an important part of the travel experience.

So in honour of our exciting reopening announcementas well as all the daydreaming we have been doing about WAHIwe thought we would share with you our ideal (or dream) day spent on the island. We hope that it can inspire your own plans to come to visit us once we reopen and in the meantime, it can continue to fuel your daydreams.


1. Waking up for sunrise 

When you’re holidaying in paradise there is no need to set an alarm. Time to get up and at it, there’s lots to fit in on our ‘dream day’. Let’s head out while it’s still dark to embark on your first adventure of the day—hiking up to passage peak. Trust us, the views from this lookout are one of a kind, and even more spectacular first thing in the morning. If you want a little bit more of a sleep in, watching the sunrise from the WAHI balcony is just as incredible. It’s also the perfect time to make yourself a morning coffee or breakfast and take a moment to really soak up and appreciate the view.



2. Something you don’t sea every day 

The options for how to spend a day at WAHI are truly endless and there is something to suit anyone and everyone. This makes it almost impossible to just pick a few activities for our ‘dream day’. However, an activity that is hard to beat is experiencing the magic of Whitehaven Beach. Voted one of the best beaches in the world, Whitehaven Beach should be at the top of everyone’s travel to-do list. As a famously photogenic location, it really does look as beautiful in person (if not more) as it does on Instagram. Thinking about it now, we can almost feel the powdery white sand between our toes and taste the salty breeze.



3. Bottoms up 

After returning from your day adventure, it’s time to head to one of our favourite afternoon spots for a drink. It’s hard to go past the renowned hilltop lookout, One Tree Hill. Armed with your favourite drink set up to watch the sunset and share an unforgettable experience with your loved ones.



4. Time to refuel

All these activities are making us hungry. Now is the time for our favourite part of the day, heading to one of the island’s award-winning restaurants for a well-deserved meal. Whether it’s a date night at Bommie or a family meal at coca chu, there is something to suit everyone.



5. Unwind and reflect

There’s nothing like heading back to your WAHI apartment after a magical day spent exploring the Whitsundays. Now is the perfect time to sit out on the balcony with a glass in hand and chat about all your favourite parts of the day.



As well as daydreaming about travelling, here at WAHI we have also been taking a few moments to reflect on how lucky we are to be based on such an incredible island. We are so excited for August the 1st when we will be able to share it all with you again. Don’t worry… your dream day will be here waiting just for you.