A stay at WAHI doesn’t just offer an island getaway with stunning amenities, a prime location next to the idyllic Catseye Beach and the chance to wake up in paradise. It also serves as the perfect starting point for a plethora of adventures in the Whitsundays. From exploring the natural landscape on a bushwalking expedition to immersing yourself in the underwater world with a guided snorkelling tour, WAHI is the ideal base for all your holiday escapades.

Enjoy the best of the Whitsunday Islands with a day tour – but only if you think you can handle the incredible sights, sounds, and experiences that come with it! Here are our top 8 picks for tours around the Whitsundays to prepare you for your next holiday with us.


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Explore's Half-Day Snorkel

Discover the underwater wonders of the Whitsundays with Explore's Half Day snorkelling trip. Led by some of the island's best guides, cruise along the Whitsundays passage, explore colourful coral gardens, swim amongst local wildlife and be mesmerised by incredible fish species.

If you want to make a full day out of your snorkeling experience, consider joining the Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet Lookout Snorkeling Cruise offered by Red Cat Adventures.

Private Charters 

Experience the unadulterated beauty of Australia's Whitsundays in complete serenity and flexibility with a private charter. Whitsundays Private Charters offer customised packages tailored to your specific desires. Whether you're seeking an all-inclusive tour, a romantic voyage through the idyllic islands, or the freedom to explore Whitehaven Beach's stunning coastline at your own pace, a private charter is the ultimate way to indulge in the Whitsundays. 

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Whitehaven Beach Chill & Grill

Embark on an unforgettable journey and discover the full beauty of Whitehaven Beach with the Chill & Grill Full Day Cruise. This all-inclusive cruise includes a fantastic gourmet BBQ lunch, as well as the opportunity to see the iconic Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach. Don’t worry; there is plenty of time packed into this tour to explore and relax on the beach while taking in the spectacular views. You’ll also have a dedicated host for the day who will chaperone beach games on the shore - the perfect opportunity to make a holiday bestie!


Take to the skies and explore the heart of the Whitsundays from a new perspective.

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Heart Reef & Scenic Flight Helicopter Tour 

Unleash your inner adventurer and take to the skies for a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the Heart Reef & Whitehaven Beach scenic helicopter flight. Departing from the island, this hour-long journey provides breathtaking views of the Great Barrier Reef, showcasing some of its most iconic locations. Imagine soaring above the picturesque Heart Reef, a symbol of love and romance, and admiring the pristine white silica sands of Whitehaven Beach from a bird's eye view. Then, as you fly over the beautiful Hill Inlet, Hook Passage, and Cid Harbor, you get to take in the stunning vistas of the local Whitsunday Islands.

Two Icons by Seaplane

Elevate your adventure to new heights with the Two Icons by Seaplane Tour. This incredible experience offers the chance to witness some of the region's most iconic and dramatic scenery from a unique perspective. Take off on a 30-minute flight over the Whitsunday Islands before landing at Hardy Lagoon, where you can enjoy a guided tour of the reef aboard a glass bottom boat. Then enjoy one hour of free time to snorkel and explore the lagoon.


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Off-Road Adventure Tour

With professional guides offering witty storytelling and a contagious enthusiasm for the surrounding nature, you will be truly amazed by an Offroad Adventure Tour. Not only will you get to explore the breathtaking beaches and hills of the island, but these excursions also provide an opportunity to observe some of the species that inhabit this gorgeous location. So get ready to feel like an explorer while they take you on a journey far away from civilization; just don't forget your camera - you don't want to miss any insta-worthy captures! 

Explore the Island With an Audio Tour

The island’s audio tours of Passage Peak and the Village Trail are perfect for those looking for something a bit more relaxed. As the tours are self-guided, you'll be able to explore at your own pace and take in all the beauty the island has to offer. You’ll learn all about the island's history, diverse wildlife, and culture. Plus, you’ll also get to hear stories from local experts and discover hidden gems off the beaten path.  

You can access the audio tours via the island’s app (available on both the Android and Apple app stores). Alternatively, visitors can also hire iPod Touches featuring the audio guides through the tour desks at the Resort Centre. The iPod Touches are pre-loaded with both tours in five languages. 

So, whether you're looking for adventure or a relaxing escape, WAHI offers the perfect home base to experience the true beauty of the Whitsunday Islands. With pristine amenities and plenty of options for tours and activities – your stay at WAHI will have you coming back time and time again. Contact the WAHI team today to book your next stay - we can’t wait to see you!

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