When it comes to the best seafood on offer, nowhere beats the Whitsundays. Not only is the seafood the freshest you’ll ever try, but it’s also prepared by world-class chefs and included on seasonally rotating menus alongside local produce. 

From casual beachside cafes and fine dining restaurants to takeaway and fishing charters, there are plenty of ways to enjoy seafood while staying at WAHI. We feasted our way across the island to find all of the best options fit for any seafood lover.


Award-winning restaurants 

Plenty of restaurants on the island take advantage of the beautiful local seafood available in the region. Many curate seasonally-rotating menus that showcase a variety of different flavours or include a ‘fish of the day’ so that diners can make the most of the freshest catch. When paired with the culinary expertise of these chefs, you can expect a variety of mouthwatering dishes that you’ll still be dreaming about months down the track. 

For a meal to remember, stop by Coca Chu for cured kingfish with green mango mint coconut roasted rice or the crispy whole baby barramundi with three flavour caramel red nahm and apple mint slaw. Manta Ray is known for its signature steamed barramundi and asian greens, while Romanos plates up seafood with an Italian-inspired twist. If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, why not head down to Popeye’s Takeaway to enjoy a fisherman’s basket by the marina? 

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Image credit: Tracy Lee

Dine with a view 

The beauty of staying at WAHI is that you have the luxury and complete privacy of your own balcony. It’s not only a spacious and protected place to soak up the warm weather, but it also gives you a front-row seat to showstopping views of Catseye Bay - so why not make the most of it! 

Instead of reserving a table at a nearby restaurant, you can feast on a wide array of seafood delights in the comfort of your own apartment. Simply pre-order your fresh seafood platter from FISHI and enjoy an afternoon of spectacular seafood and wine on your balcony. Now, that’s what we call ultimate holiday mode!


Image credit: Topnotch Game Fishing 

Catch and cook

There’s something pretty special about catching your own fish and eating it too! The Whitsundays is a world-class fishing destination, with plenty of options on-land and offshore. You can explore Coral Cove in Driftwood Bay for a peaceful experience, head out on a fishing charter or hire your own dinghy.

When you arrive back at your WAHI apartment after a successful fishing trip, there are plenty of restaurants that will prepare and serve your catch of the day. Some of the most popular options are Popeye’s Fish and Chips, Romano’s, Pool Terrace Restaurant, Sails, Marina Tavern and Mariners. All you need to do is follow these guidelines and they’ll handle everything else.

With beautiful blue skies and delicious seafood served all year long, it’s always the perfect time to visit the Whitsundays. Contact the WAHI team today to book your next stay - we can’t wait to see you!