While we are all practising social distancing, travel has been temporarily limited to the confines of our daydreams. We know nothing beats the real deal of actually being at WAHI, however, we have been busy thinking up ways to help our guests enjoy a little slice of paradise from the comfort (and safety) of their living rooms...

Do you ever hear a song and it completely transports you to another place or time? Maybe you listened to a certain song while on holiday and now when you hear it you are right back on the beach, cocktail in hand and basking in the sunshine. In a time when we are so limited in where we can physically go, music makes for a great tool to help us escape.

If you are like us and would rather be soaking up sunshine at WAHI, we have curated some Spotify playlists inspired by an island holiday. So shut your eyes, choose your playlist and let the music take you away to a beautiful tropical paradise.

Beach Beats

If you are in need of a bit of a pick me up we have put together some of our favourite summer-themed songs that are sure to brighten your day! Full of good vibes, why not whip up your favourite summer cocktail (we have some recipes you can try here) and imagine you are sitting out on your WAHI balcony with your loved ones, drink in hand and good times aplenty. 

Saltwater Sounds 

We know that these times have been stressful for everyone. For this reason, we have put together a playlist of some more chilled out tunes, inspired by the calmness of lying on Catseye Beach or by the WAHI pool. Let these relaxing beats wash away your worries as you soak up pure relaxation. 

Tropical Throwbacks

When no one’s really sure what day it is anymore, why not make Throwback Thursday every day! We have put together a throwback playlist that is sure to remind you of simpler and sunnier times. With songs from various decades, there is sure to be something for everyone in this playlist.

You can access the playlists above, however, to play full songs you will need to sign up to Spotify (don’t worry it’s free). Have some songs that remind you of WAHI? We’d love to hear them!

Want some more ideas of how you can find some island zen no matter where you are? Check out one of our recent blogs here.