Image credit: @hamiltonislandendurance

Picture this: crystal-clear oceans, pristine beaches, and surrounding tropical landscapes – a dream destination that becomes even more exhilarating during the Hamilton Island Triathlon on November 25th.

Set in one of Australia's most beautiful locations, this event provides the ultimate test of endurance. As you swim, bike, and run through a picturesque paradise, the beauty of the Whitsundays surrounds you – azure waters meet beautiful beaches and luscious hills stretch as far as the eye can see.


From Bay to Marina

The first leg of the triathlon takes you on a 750-metre swim in the sparkling waters of Catseye Bay. After conquering the ocean, it's time to pedal through paradise. The 20km bike ride—which encompasses three loops around the southern area of the island and the airport runway—will have you zooming along a scenic route filled with fresh island air. Lastly, a 5km run past the marina and resort sides of the island will bring you to the finish line! This thrilling course is designed to challenge your limits and reward you with breathtaking views at every turn, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Splash N Dash: For Young Athletes

Get ready to inspire and challenge your young athletes with the Splash N Dash! This event is the perfect opportunity for kids aged 4 to 14 to get a taste of a triathlon with a unique island twist. Splash N Dash offers three exciting course categories: short, medium and long. It doesn't matter if your little athlete is just dipping their toes into the sport or already has some triathlon experience under their belt—there's a race suited for everyone. 


Wake Up to Ocean Bliss

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Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a first-time participant, the Hamilton Island Triathlon promises an unforgettable athletic challenge. It's an experience unlike any other, where every stride is a step through nature's untouched wonders.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your stay at WAHI today. And don’t forget to pack your swimsuit and dust off your running shoes. The island's sun-drenched skies and balmy evenings are one of nature's most gracious rewards.