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Are you ready to take your love to new heights? Picture this: crystal-clear waters on a long stretch of sand and a marriage proposal that will leave your partner in awe... Welcome to Hamilton Island, where romance meets paradise, and proposals are as unforgettable as the views.

Let's dive into the dreamy proposals the island has to offer:


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The Champagne Picnic Package:

Begin your romantic journey with a picturesque picnic on Catseye Beach. Snuggle up on a plush picnic rug, make a toast with a glass of champagne or two, and surprise your beloved with a bouquet of seasonal flowers. With the option to reserve a dinner at your favourite restaurant, this package sets the scene for a perfect proposal. 


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Alani Private Sunset Charter Proposal Package: 

Sail into the sunset aboard the luxurious Alani yacht. With a drink served upon arrival and chocolate-covered strawberries to indulge in, followed by a stunning golden backdrop to pop the question. What more could we ask for! 


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Whitehaven Getaway Proposal Package:

Elevate your proposal with a scenic flight over the dazzling Whitehaven Beach. After soaking in the unforgettable views, savour a glass of sparkling wine during a private hour on the beach. This is where your happily ever after begins.


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A perfect night away:

Experience bliss at Whitsundays Apartments. Just a stone's throw away from Catseye Beach, you will be promised ocean views, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, a pool and heated spa, and your spacious apartment, which includes everything you need in a home away from home. 

Be sure to capture the moment with the island's professional photographers, who will be discreetly positioned to snap your proposal, ensuring every precious second can be kept for a lifetime!


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So, whether you prefer the serenity of a beachside picnic or the opulence of a yacht, the island has the perfect proposal package to make your moment magical. Book your stay at WAHI and say 'yes' to love in paradise!