Miss travelling? Daydreaming about your future holidays? Wish you were at WAHI? We’ve got you covered. 

If you are currently busy creating your post COVID-19 holiday list and would like to get a glimpse into what a WAHI vacay looks like, we have created a quick virtual tour to show you around the island. If you have already visited us then we hope these photos help brighten your day and remind you of some great holiday memories. 

So without further ado… Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the Captain and the entire crew, welcome aboard WAHI airlines non-stop service from your couch to Whitsundays Apartments Hamilton Island. Our travel time today will be of zero hours and zero minutes. At this time, make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their upright positions and that your seat belt is tightly fastened. Also, your portable electronic devices must remain switched on throughout the duration of your tour. Please be seated for takeoff.


Flying Into Hamilton Island

There is nothing more exciting than flying into your holiday destination. As you make your descent into Hamilton Island you are sure to get a spectacular view on the way down.



Arriving at WAHI

After a 5-minute complimentary shuttle bus ride from the airport, you will arrive at WAHI. It doesn’t get much better than having the beautiful Catseye Beach right on your doorstep.



Getting to your room for the first time

Time to get settled in. With a separate bedroom, dual access bathroom, kitchen, spacious living area and balcony, the apartments are fully equipped with everything you need for your stay.



Taking in the iconic WAHI view

Yes, the view really is that amazing (if not better) in person.



Pouring some bubbly to celebrate

No better way to celebrate the beginning of your holiday than with a glass of bubbly, which can be ordered from reception.



Time to meet your neighbours

You are likely to run into plenty of feathered friends throughout your stay. They make the perfect addition to your balcony, just make sure to never feed them!



Heading out on a golf buggy to explore

It wouldn’t be a trip to Hamilton Island without the iconic golf buggies. Time to head out and explore the island.



Marvelling at all the beautiful boats

A great place to start exploring is down at the marina, where you will likely see lots of beautiful boats.



Next up, Main Street

Here you will also find the main street of the island, which has plenty of shops and restaurants.



The island really has everything you need for the perfect holiday

The island even has its own IGA, which is perfect if you would like to put your fully equipped kitchen to good use.



Time to relax

All this exploring can be tiring… besides, you’re on holidays. Why not head to Catseye beach and start reading that book you haven’t had time for.



Or stay around WAHI and relax by the pool

WAHI has its own lagoon pool surrounded by lush palms and sweeping views. It’s the perfect spot to set up and just let the day wash away.



Activities galore

Don’t worry, you won’t get bored on the island. There are plenty of activities that will suit anyone and everyone from water sports to go-karting to morning yoga. Our pick? Plan a day trip to Whitehaven beach, it’s truly magical!



Explore by foot

Another favourite activity of ours is to explore one of the many hiking trails. It’s such a beautiful and unique way to see the island.



Visit some furry friends

For an unforgettable experience why not get up close and personal with Australian wildlife. You can even have breakfast with the koalas at the Hamilton Island Wildlife Cafe.



Make sure to catch the sunrise

The early bird really catches the worm. Your WAHI balcony makes for the perfect spot to have breakfast, take in the sunrise and start the day right.



… and sunset

There are plenty of amazing places to watch the sunset. We recommend heading to One Tree Hill (pictured) which is a great place to have a drink and watch another amazing day spent at WAHI come to a close.



Believe it or not, we have barely scratched the surface of all the incredible places and experiences that make a WAHI holiday so special. For an extra sneak peek into what a holiday at WAHI is like check out the video below.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed your mini virtual tour and we look forward to seeing you at WAHI in the future. In the meantime, all the incredible places above will be waiting just for you.