There’s no doubt 2020 has been a crazy one. Unpredictable, stressful, sometimes surreal. It’s important not to forget to take time out for ourselves amongst the chaos. So, if you are looking for that quick getaway to relax, recharge and find your bearings, look no further – we can help! Whether it be to escape for the weekend or a much-needed reset before (dare we say it) the Christmas rush, WAHI has you covered for the perfect getaway. With Spring underway we thought we would share with you some of our must-do activities that you can experience while enjoying your stay at WAHI.

Is it an adventure you’re after? Or perhaps a romantic getaway? Here at WAHI we are spoilt for choice. We have included 5 ways (WAHI style) that you can recharge and get both mentally and physically prepared for the craziness of the silly season, or maybe... just because you can.


1. Become a trailblazer

There is nothing quite like getting out into nature and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Hamilton Island. The island’s walking trails are easily accessible from WAHI (just ask our reception for the shortcuts to these trails). Depending on your fitness level there are several options to choose from and all have their own unique views of Hamilton Island. You can check out the map of all the island’s bushwalking trails here.



2. Did someone say cheese… and wine? 

Do not underestimate the power of a picturesque panorama, and with cheese and wine in hand, it’s a match made in heaven. Imagine stepping out onto your WAHI balcony. As you take in the crystal-clear, glistening waters of Catseye beach, you are serenaded by the sound of calm waves lapping up to the shore’s edge. It’s an experience that never gets old. The scenery here is utterly ah-ma-zing, to say the least. And it gets even better, at WAHI you have the luxury of enjoying this view 24 hours a day! You won’t quite understand what we mean until you’re here. It’s a scenery where you’ll find yourself saying “wow” every 10 minutes – that is all hours of the day. And never fear, if you run out of wine ask our reception for a top-up, they will look after you.



3. Because you deserve it 

Need a little extra help to rid the tension of the year? With WAHI’s central location it’s only a short stroll to find more pampering and relaxation. After your massage at the island’s beauty and wellness day spa, why not take relaxation to a new level and spend a lazy afternoon by the pool, cocktail in hand soaking up the scents of the salty sea air. 



Image credit: @jamesvodicka

4. Time to get your feet wet

During your visit, we highly recommend checking out the local marine life. At Catseye Beach—only a stone’s throw away from WAHI— you can hire snorkelling equipment and become one with the sea. If you’re lucky you might even spot a turtle!



Image credit: @samearp

5. Have a need for speed?  

Looking for something with a bit of a faster tempo? Walk, buggy or bus down to the marina and head out on a jet ski. It’ll be sure to get your adrenaline pumping! Once you’ve had your adrenaline fix, journey back to Catseye Beach to soak up more of the island’s beauty. Why not try out some kayaking or stand up paddleboarding while you’re at it! Trust us, you’ll never run out of activities to try or things to do on the island. 


Ready to explore our beautiful backyard? Spring is the perfect time to experience the magic of the Whitsundays. If you are in need of an island retreat you can book your stay at WAHI here. We look forward to giving you a WAHI welcome on arrival!