Summer is only just around the corner. If you have a fitness goal you’re looking to achieve by the sunshine season but you’re also in need of a getaway—we have just the thing for you! The good news is that you won’t have to give up your active lifestyle and fitness routine when you visit WAHI. If you’re looking for that endorphin rush, there are options aplenty.

So, if you want to get up and moving during your time at WAHI we have put together five exercises ideas that will be sure to get your holiday heart racing. Are you ready? On your marks. Get set. #WAHIworkout!


1. Hike up to the Top of Passage Peak

We like to describe this as an exquisite but challenging trail. As most of the trail is uphill you will have no problem getting a sweat on. Want to challenge yourself further? Why not try running the track? It’s only 2.7 km to the top but this stairway to photo heaven is a sure-fire way to get those glutes firing. Trust us when we say the view at the top is worth every drop of sweat.



2. Time to Get Those Abs Workin’!   

At WAHI we are blessed to be located just a hop, skip and a jump from the tranquil Catseye Beach. Why not immerse yourself in our beautiful surroundings and try out stand-up paddleboarding—you’ll feel on top of the world! Oh and trust us your abs will be burning by the end of your session too. This might seem obvious, but water isn’t exactly the most stable of surfaces and keeping yourself on top of the board without falling (albeit gracefully) into the water can be a real challenge. Hello six-pack!



Image credit: @reubennutt

3. You Feel that in Your Shoulders? No? Paddle Harder!

While you’re at Catseye Beach, get those shoulders firing with a kayak in island paradise. You’ll be paddling left and right to keep up with all the beautiful marine life while working your obliques in the process. You might even spot a turtle but they’re swift in the water, so get paddling!



Image credit: @sarahlouise_lifestyle

4. Time to HIIT the Gym 

Get your heart rate pumping with a HIIT or weights session at the island’s gym, located in the Sports Club adjacent to the Reef View hotel. Looking for something with a bit of a slower pace? You’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated with a morning yoga class. Then (because you can and you’re on holiday) find that holiday/fitness balance and whip up a cocktail back at WAHI. Need some inspo? Check out our tropical-inspired cocktails here. #Namaste.



5. Send It With Beach Volleyball 

We can’t go past a good game of V-ball. And what better place to have a game than on the beautiful Catseye Beach? Grab a few of your mates and get your volley streak on. The team who loses buys the next round! What have we started…?


Ready to get your heart pumping in paradise? Spring is the perfect time to experience the magic of the Whitsundays. If you are in need of an island retreat, you can book your stay at WAHI here. We look forward to giving you a WAHI welcome on arrival!