When you think of a relaxing holiday, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many travellers, the perfect trip is filled with sun, white sandy beaches, glistening blue water and cloudless skies. In fact, one of the most common questions we are asked here at WAHI is what time of year people should visit us if they want to make the most of their trip and experience the beauty of the Whitsundays for themselves.

And the answer to that question? Well, there is no single best time to visit WAHI—each part of the year has its own unique magic worth experiencing.

Unlike many parts of the world, here in the Whitsundays, we’re lucky enough to stay warm and toasty all year round! Even in the middle of winter, you can arrive on the island and experience everything our backyard has to offer. While there really is no best time of year to visit us, each season brings its own unique benefits and experiences. To help you decide which time of year you would like to join us, the WAHI team has pulled together all of our local knowledge to give you a full rundown on the different seasons.



January to March

During the Australian summer, the island is hot, humid and absolutely glorious. While the average temperature sits around 29°C, an occasional afternoon shower provides the perfect backdrop for you to wind down as you relax after a busy day of exploring. The tropical weather also keeps the island looking lush and green, which gives you the perfect backdrop for plenty of happy snaps. 

This is a popular time to visit the island, particularly for families looking to take advantage of the school holidays. The influx of people also gives the island a great bustling ambience and an action-packed schedule of events to keep you busy. 

Be sure to pack your camera, so that you can capture the island in all its beauty. We also suggest bringing comfy walking shoes and a hat so that you can explore all the hiking trails during your stay.



Image credit: @hamiltonislandenduranceseries

April to June

Between April and June, the Whitsundays sees minimal rain and plenty of sunshine. With an average temperature of a balmy 24°C, it’s a great time to explore the surrounding scenery and reef. It’s also the perfect weather to set up on the beach or by the pool for the day with a good book.

If you’re a keen fitness enthusiast, May also marks the start of the Endurance Series with the famous Hilly Half-Marathon. It’s the perfect opportunity to test your stamina and strength in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

If you’re visiting us between April and June maybe throw in a light jumper or jacket for night-time, as the lower temperatures and ocean breezes make it slightly cooler than other times of the year.



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July to September

July to September brings cooler, sunny days with a low chance of rainfall. Although temperatures cool down, the island’s sub-tropical climate means that it’s still warm enough for swimming, watersports, sun-bathing and all-around exploring. 

As well as attracting plenty of travellers and local holiday-makers during this time, the winter also sees many whales making themselves at home in the surrounding waters. Whether you’re hiking your way to the highest point of the island or heading out for the day on a boat, there are tons of different ways to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures. The northeastern trade winds over this period also make it a great time for sailing, which coincides perfectly with the iconic Race Week

Don’t forget to pack your binoculars to spot the whales out at sea, a sun-hat so you can watch the passing boats from the shore, and a swimsuit to enjoy the beautiful clear waters.



Image credit @little.gypsies

October to December

As the festive season draws closer, the island comes alive with events, holiday-makers and all-round good vibes. The warmer, more humid climate sits at an average of 28°C and with longer, sunny days you’ll have more hours to soak up everything on offer. 

December is a great time of year for turtle spotting and sailing around the picturesque Whitsunday Islands. We suggest bringing your snorkel gear or hiring some on the island so that you can get up close and personal with these beautiful marine creatures.

Being the lead up to Christmas and New Year's Eve, you can also expect plenty of special events, including firework shows, pop-up food markets or seasonal menus at restaurants. The big man in red also makes a special appearance to visit the little ones on the island for Christmas, so make sure your kids have their wish lists ready!


No matter what time of year you make your way to the Whitsundays, you’re guaranteed to have an incredible experience. As a popular year-round destination, we recommend booking your trip in advance to ensure you secure your apartment on your preferred dates—especially during high season and during special events.

When you’re ready to lock in your holiday at WAHI, simply reach out to our team and we’ll guide you through the booking process. You can contact our friendly reservations team by emailing stay@wahi.com.au or calling +61 7 4969 9905. You can also book with us directly online here.