We are going to state the obvious here—there is still an international travel ban and unfortunately, it doesn’t look as though Australian borders are going to open any time soon. The good news is that we don’t need to head overseas to experience world-class destinations. Right here in The Whitsundays, we are blessed with beautiful blue water, balmy tropical weather, incredible islands and the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. Now is the perfect opportunity to explore our backyard and visit one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Still need convincing?

Here are 3 good reasons why you should take a holiday (and when we say “holiday” we are most definitely talking about WAHI).



1. Recharge and Unwind

In today’s world, stress levels are reaching an all-time high. If you ask us, it’s much too high for our liking. Taking a holiday will give you and your body an opportunity to escape from the typical daily routine, allowing you to relax and unwind. Feel rejuvenated with a spa session, de-stress with a day lazing by the pool, or let your troubles fade away with a day on the water sailing through the Whitsundays, enjoying the breathtaking views and lapping up the far north Queensland sunshine.



2. Improves Productivity and Creativity

Taking a holiday often provides a good chance to spend quality time with loved ones. It offers you the chance to slow down and relax. The change of pace fosters clearer thinking. You’ll feel inspired and ready to get back to the grind upon your return to the mainland. The work-life balance we all strive for will be achieved with your holiday experience at WAHI, leaving you feeling refocussed and refreshed. Now, if you’re with me say “Ahhhh…”



3. The Natural Landscapes are Unrivalled

Need we say more? The Whitsundays boasts some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Enjoy tropical paradise from your very own WAHI balcony or achieve bliss by sailing across the sea at sunset on a catamaran. Looking for something extra special? Witness jaw-dropping views of the Great Barrier Reef by seaplane or helicopter. You will not be disappointed with this land of paradise.


Ready to explore our beautiful backyard? Spring is the perfect time to experience the magic of the Whitsundays. If you are in need of an island retreat, you can book your stay at WAHI here. We look forward to giving you a WAHI welcome on arrival!