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Calling nature lovers and adventure seekers! If you thought the Whitsundays was only about pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, you're in for a wild surprise!

Don't get us wrong—beach sports and pool days are great, but what about daily wildlife encounters with the tropical creatures that call Hamilton Island ‘home’?


Image credit: @hamiltonisland

The Local Celebrities

First up, the island's superstars—agile wallabies and eastern grey kangaroos. You can spot these cute hoppers anywhere on the island, from the lush bushland to the grounds of WAHI. Remember, while they might look like they're up for a selfie, it's best to admire these guys from a respectful distance.


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Feathery Friends

If you’re a bird-watching enthusiast or enjoy a good chirp, the Whitsundays is a dream come true. With over 100 bird species fluttering around, you are bound to see everything from rainbow lorikeets to majestic sea eagles. Grab your binoculars, find a cozy spot, and let the avian show begin!


Image credit: @hamiltonisland

Underwater Wonders

Swimming, snorkelling, or diving in tropical water is like entering a real-life Finding Nemo movie. Expect nothing less than colourful coral reefs, playful dolphins, plenty of fish, and even the occasional sea turtle. It's a marine safari you want to take advantage of.


Image credit: @hamiltonisland

Night-Time Natives

As the sun sets and the stars come out, keep an eye out for the island's nocturnal residents—the brush-tailed possums! These fluffy creatures are experts in the dark! If you are out and about when the sun sets, they might peek out from the trees to say hello. Although they look cute and cuddly, please resist the urge to feed them. Let's keep their wild instincts intact!

Protecting Mother Nature

The island is committed to preserving its natural treasures, so if you visit and bump into the native species, remember to follow eco-friendly guidelines. That means no feeding and always disposing of your rubbish responsibly.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack those binoculars, snorkels, and a whole lot of curiosity. Experience the wild side of the Whitsundays and book your stay at WAHI.