With ideal weather, azure blue water and glistening sand, the Whitsundays is a paradise that attracts some 700,000 visitors each year. We know it’s beautiful, yes. But there are a few things you might not know about this idyllic part of Australia.

The romance capital of Australia

There are more proposals and honeymoons per square metre in the Whitsundays than anywhere else in Australia.

Naturally perfect

The Heart Reef is admired by all who visit here. What’s more impressive is that its distinctive shape was formed naturally.


Lush greenery

The Whitsundays is 70% national park

Sparkling sand

The sand at Whitehaven Beach is perfect for polishing jewellery. In fact, in the 1960s the sand was mined and exported to make glass.


Secluded and tranquil

Only 8 of the Whitsundays’ 74 islands are inhabited. Some islands are comprised of just a strip of coral sand, held together by the roots of a palm tree. 

Island life is the best life

Hamilton Island enjoys the same tropical latitude as Honolulu, explaining its beautiful tropical climate all year round


Beautiful one day…

The Whitsundays has an average of 274 days of sunshine per year.

Dumbbell Island

Yes, there is an island by this name in the Whitsundays.

Beautifully diverse

As you explore the many snorkelling spots, feast your eyes on the 1,500 different species of fish that call the Whitsundays home.