The day that we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. We are so excited to be able to re-open and welcome back all of our incredible guests! We’ve been given the all-clear and Good to Go, so it’s time to pack your bags and get out to explore our beautiful backyard. And where better to start by soaking up some Whitsundays magic right here on our island paradise.

While we have all been #WAHIwaiting, the safety of our guests and staff has remained our number one priority. Our team has been busily preparing our WAHI Stay Safe program so that all our guests can enjoy their visit safely.


Our feathered friends showing us how to social distance Image Credit: @glanzpunkt

In fact, everyone has been playing their part to make sure the island you know and love is just as perfect as you remember it… The turtles down at Catseye Beach have been swimming some warm-up laps, the palms have soaked up some up extra Whitsundays sunshine and there’s a cocktail waiting with your name on it. Even some whales have come to visit and get in on the action!  

Still not convinced? Here are five magical WAHI moments that are ready and waiting just for you. 

Tropical Touchdown

For anyone who has visited us before, we are sure you know the feeling. You’ve been looking forward to your island getaway since the moment you clicked ‘book now’. Watching months turn into weeks turn into days, the anticipation has been building and now it’s finally time. You’ve packed your backs, headed to the airport and as you watch the city get smaller below you and the beautiful Whitsundays landscape come into view, you know it’s almost here…. And then at last—touchdown. It’s one of our favourite feelings, stepping off the plane and instantly knowing that you’ve just landed in paradise. You are met with the warm island breeze, tropical palms, and smiling faces. From now onwards all you need to do is relax and enjoy your holiday.


Image credit: @raphael.wojcik

Room With a View

After getting a glimpse of the island’s beauty during the complimentary shuttle bus to the Whitsunday Apartments, you arrive at your room. You think…. How could things possibly get any better? Then you see the jaw-dropping view from your WAHI balcony. Yes, it really is as good as the photos! Looking out towards the beautiful surrounding landscape you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped out of your room and into a postcard. Whether it's your first or 30th time visiting us, it really never gets old.


Image credit: @auspixs1

Whitsundays “Winter”

We are sure that over the last few months the warm carefree days of summer seem like a bit of a distant memory to our southerly friends. Up here in the warm Whitsundays, you’ll leave behind those chilly winter days and find all the summery goodness that comes with our tropical climate. With perfect blue skies and swim-worthy blue water, it’s the perfect place to recharge your solar batteries, soak up some island vibes and escape the everyday. 


Image Credit: @whitsundaysphotography

Let Your Worries Sail Away

If you’re someone looking to find their sea legs, you’ve found the right island for the job. The region is famous for its amazing sailing routes and calm anchorage points. Whether you’d like to get in on the action or sit back and watch, it’s the perfect place to let all your worries and stress drift away. There are all kinds of boat tours available, whether you’d like to head out on a day trip and explore the surrounding area or even rent a bareboat, there’s something for everyone. 


Get Back in Touch With Nature

If you’ve been spending more time than usual indoors (maybe even indulging in a bit too much screen time), a chance to reconnect with nature might be exactly what you need. The landscape is one of a kind and should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. Due to the participles suspended in the water that reflect light the surrounding seawater takes on a beautiful azure blue colour. Pair that with powdery white silica sand that is unique to the Whitsundays area and you can begin to understand why this place is so special. Not to mention the small insignificant detail that our backyard is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, no big deal. Home to the smallest of living creatures right up to magnificent humpback whales, it's one of the most complex natural ecosystems in the world! There are endless ways to exploreby foot, golf buggy, ATV, kayak, catamaran, helicopter and even seaplane. From a sunrise hike up to passage peak to breakfast with koalas to a day trip to Whitehaven beach to a sunset cruise, you won’t run out of natural gems to discover.


Image Credit: @jamesvodicka

We are so excited to share all the wonder of the Whitsundays with guests again. If you are in need of an island retreat you can book your stay at WAHI here. You can also read up on our flexible cancellation policy here. We look forward to giving you a WAHI welcome on arrival!