Koalas. They’re the cute, cuddly, furry critters Australia is known for.

Everyone loves koalas, but how much do you really know about them? Here are a few koala facts you can impress your friends with when you next visit the park at Hamilton Island. 

Koalas are usually inactive for 20 hours a day.

The rest of the time, koalas are usually eating. 

Koalas are tree dwellers.

They only descend to the ground to move between trees.

A pregnancy lasts 35 days.

Once born, the baby koala remains in its mother’s pouch for a year.

They are not bears.

Despite popular belief, koalas are not bears. Drop bears are entirely fictitious.

A koala’s closest living relative is the wombat.

Both marsupials, koala and wombat pouches open to the rear.

Koalas can distinguish the age of a eucalyptus leaf.

This is a talent unique to koalas. Even humans can’t figure it out!

Koalas live at WILD LIFE Hamilton Island. You can visit the park during your stay at WAHI - in fact, you can enjoy a cooked buffet breakfast while koalas snooze and munch on eucalyptus leaves beside you. 

For more information, visit wildlifehamiltonisland.com.au or enquire at reception.